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Florida Robbery Law

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In Florida, the taking of someone else's belonging by force is known as robbery (as opposed to larceny, fraud, or theft).  If the robbery is committed with the assistance of a weapon (firearm or other type of weapon considered to be deadly), it is armed robbery and is deemed a 1st degree felony.  Other factors which the prosecutor will consider in determination of your particular charge is whether the victim of the robbery was injured.  In any case, whether a weapon was used in the commission of a robbery, the crime is a felony, either of the 1st or 2nd degree. 

The "10-20-Life" law may come into play in robbery cases.  In crimes where a firearm is drawn by the offender, a mandatory sentence of 10 years in prison is the law.  It's 20 years in prison if the gun is fired in the commission of a felony.  If someone is injured or killed by the firearm it's 25 years to life in prison.  These are tough sentences.  If you're charged with a robbery, you need an experienced criminal trial lawyer.

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