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Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer Arrested for Solicitation of Prostitution

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Kevin Napper, a local criminal defense attorney with Carlton Fields has been arrested for solicitation of prostitution in the Drew Park area of Tampa.  Napper, married to Circuit Judge Katherine Essrig, declined to comment to police after the arrest other than to say simply, "I made a mistake." 

Napper solicited an undercover police officer for sex.  The charge is a misdemeanor and Napper, I believe, is a first-time offender.  There's a chance his lawyer (I'm sure he's smart enough not to represent himself) will work for a withhold of ajudication which would mean that he is not convicted of the misdemeanor.  He would also be eligible to have the charge sealed at a later date.  This would be part of the criminal defense attorney's discussions with the prosecutor assigned to the case.

Regardless of the outcome, I've never been comfortable with police officers acting as decoys and essentially entrapping people to commit crimes.  This seems patently unfair to me and comes very close to entrapment.  Why should we be spending tax dollars on enticing people to commit crimes?

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